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BUCS Head 2022 - BUCS Medal!

BUCS Head took place on the Tyne in Newcastle this year over the weekend of the 26 and 27th February. Despite the weather conditions leading up to the race being less than ideal, our squads had a very successful weekend with some great results.

Senior Women

The senior women had some of the best results to date this year at BUCS Head, most notably coming 3rd in the Championship 4-. Our athletes achieving the BUCS bronze were Ghislaine Hertzog, Emma Woods, Charlotte Sykes and Lily Pearce. Across the board we had some great results, with the 1st 8 coming a very respectable 10th place. The intermediate 4+ came 16th and the quad came 17th. For lots of our athletes this was their first time racing at BUCS and everyone conducted themselves very well. Overall, a great weekend was had by all of our women and we are now working towards a strong Regatta season.

Senior Men

The Senior Men also put in some good performances at BUCS Head this past weekend. The 1st 8+ came 13th in the intermediate category, in an exciting and competitive race with the surrounding crews. The 1st 4 came 16th in the Inter4+ category, with the second 4, not far behind, placing 20th.

The event was a good building block for the season, with the men's squad looking to press on into the races to come.

Novice Men

The Novice Men performed well at their first BUCS event, with an 8th place for the 8+ and 12th and 15th place for the first and second 4+ boats respectively. The 8+ achieved their goal of getting into the top 10, which is a great result given the close competition. The 4+ boats performed very well in difficult conditions.

Novice Women

BUCS Head was the first big event for the novice women after doing several local Head races, and they put in a solid performance. In division one, the two coxed fours rowed well gaining some great race experience in their relatively new crews coming both 15th and 23rd. After a last minute change of crews, only one eight raced in division two, but everyone adapted and were rewarded with a good result, placing 17th. Overall, it was a great day and we’re super proud of all the novice women. With plenty to work on and improve, the NW squad is now looking forward to WeHoRR and the regatta season!

Across the board it was a very successful weekend for SURC and we are looking forward to building on these results across the coming months as we head into Regatta Season!


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