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Senior Women

Sarah Durham & Molly Burrell
2023/24 Captains

Over the last few years the Senior Women’s squad at SURC has developed massively, including qualifying at Henley Women’s Regatta and medalling at BUCS Regatta. This year, we are aiming to continue this streak of success throughout the squad, replicating the amazing results we have had in the last few years. Excellent novice squad and senior retention means we have a large squad with the capability to develop performance levels within SURC.


Whilst a large number of our squad is focused on competing and obtaining results, we also have a lot of senior women who row recreationally, in their spare time as a source of fitness and for the community. These girls are a valued part of our squad and the club is inclusive of them, providing the same facilities to all members. Part of our goal this year is to continue to promote both recreational and performance squads in SURC so that everyone can enjoy the sport we all love, regardless of the amount of time that they have to commit.


Our targets this year are to make sure that everyone enjoys their time with us and to create a welcoming environment for all our potential athletes. Additionally, we would like to continue our success, aiming to qualify at Henley Women’s again and breaking into major finals at BUCS Regatta in the summer.


Please feel free to contact either of us if you have any questions about our squad or joining it in the next few years!


Vlad Proudnikov
2023/24 Captain

After years full of race cancellations in 2019/21, SURC’s Senior Men are looking forward to replicating their success in recent years and reasserting their dominance amongst Yorkshire’s universities. With a strong and sizeable intake from SURC’s Novice Programme, as well as continuing seniors, the 2023-2024 season will be looking to be the squad’s most successful yet.


As captain, I am looking forward to providing a programme that will aid not only the squad, but also individuals, to achieve their goals. The training plan will make efficient use of each member’s time, to accommodate the demands of university degrees, as well as help the squad reach its goals.


The squad’s goals for the upcoming season are as follows:

  • Qualify for Henley Royal Regatta

  • Major finals at BUCS Regatta

  • Top 10 at BUCS Head

  • Top 75 at Head of the River

  • Large attendance at BUCS indoors


SURC and the Senior Men’s squad provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, that would happily integrate any rower, irrespective of skill level. For those wishing to be a part of the Senior Men’s programme, or to get more information about rowing at SURC, please contact us as soon as possible.

For men interested in rowing at SURC with previous rowing experience - click 'Join Us' or contact Vlad.

Senior Men


Men's Captains: Rhiannon McQuone & Will Meadows
Women's Coordinators: Jakob Evans & Vlad Proudnikov

The successful SURC novice program consists of up to 20 men and 20 women, completely new to rowing. Selection takes place at the beginning of the year, via trials based around core, strength and initial rowing machine tests. Captains will be looking for traits such as adaptability, resilience and determination when trialling, with preference towards those who appear ready to take on the unique technical and physical challenges that rowing presents. This programme is ideally suited to those who want to push their limits, and will get out of it what they put in.

Once selected, the squads will immediately be introduced to the fundamentals of rowing on the water, with training focussing on the technical aspects of the sport. Supplementing this, the squad will be immersed into SURC with club-wide land training such as strength and conditioning, ergs and mobility/core. It is important for the squad to reach the base level of fitness required for the sport early on, with up to 8 sessions a week, on and off the water. This training also creates strong bonds as a squad very early on.

Novices are taught exclusively sweep rowing throughout the year, with an opportunity to learn sculling once integrated with the Senior squads at the end of the regatta season. Once the squad has a grasp of the technical basics, their training camp in October means they not only bond with the rest of their squad, but their technical ability improves dramatically. Their first race shortly follows this, introducing them to the excitement of competitive racing early on.

To anyone old or new to Sheffield who think this may be for them, we look forward to meeting you!


Alternatives: joining the club as a cox (see below) or RowFit member (find more information on our Instagram or Facebook group).

Please also follow our social media.


Coxing is a vital role involving much more than steering and coordination within the boat, and a crew's cox is integral to their success.


SURC are continuously recruiting experienced and novice coxes, with the opportunity to race at national races including Henley, HoRR and smaller local races.

You can also be involved in all club activities including land training and socials.


For more information, contact us via email (, Instagram or Facebook.

Click 'Join Us' if you have any questions.

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