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Alumni Weekend 2020

The club have had a very successful Alumni Weekend, with dinner on Saturday and alumni rowing today. The club also had the great opportunity to name two of our new boats after great SURC alumni.

- Our novice's 8+ has been named after Dave Starkey. Dave was a big part of the club's beginnings, and a great character in the university. His good friend from the club Brian James put forward Dave's name because of his contribution to the club, and Dave's wife and daughter were here to christen the boat.

- Our Empacher 2x/- has been named after Bryony Britten. Bryony's name was suggested by another former club member Chris Whyte, honouring her being the first female president of the club, doing huge amount to further the club's progress and a very successful career in rowing after university.

The two additions to our fleet will no doubt help the club immensely, ensuring successful rowing at Sheffield for years to come.


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