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Race Reports 2022/2023

We are sorry there has been a delay in SURC news on the blog over the past year. Here is a quick summary of all the races that took place in 2022/2023!

Dee Head - 23/10/22

The senior squads had a strong start to the season with both the Senior Women’s 8+ and Senior Men’s 4x coming in 3rd place at Dee Head in Chester.

Liverpool Novice Eights Head – 27/11/22

An exciting start to their rowing careers for our novices who achieved great results at their first race. The Novice Men came 1st in their race, and the Novice Women came 3rd and 6th. Wonderful potential shown by both squads in Liverpool.

White Rose Head –10/12/22

A very frosty day in York didn’t stop our crews from getting excellent results. The SM 8+, NW 4+ and NM 4+ all came 1st in their respective races. A particularly notable performance by the SM 8+ who achieved the fastest time of the day.

South Yorkshire Head –11/2/23

The Novice Men’s squad headed over to Doncaster to compete in SYH. They raced brilliantly, resulting in a win in the Band 3 Open 8+ and 3rd overall. The Op 4+ also achieved 2nd in their category.

BUCS Head –18/2/23

One of the most important head races for the whole club, SURC took 11 crews up to Newcastle. The SW 4x finished 16th and the SM 8+ came 10th. The Novice Men put out two crews which finished in the top 10 –the 8+ came 5th and the 4+ came 9th.

WeHoRR – 4/3/23

An eventful race with some last-minute crew changes involving interrupting the President’s squash game in Kew to cox the 2nd Novice boat in Putney. Despite the uncertain start, the women’s squads successfully raced 3 8s between them with the Senior Women finishing 208th, and the Novice Women finishing 277th and 295th.

HoRR –18/3/23

A successful weekend for the men’s squads with the Novice Men coming 241st overall and 8thin the academic beginner category. The Senior Men achieved their aim of a club best, coming 72nd overall and 20thin the academic category.

Varsity –29/3/23

There was some doubt as to whether varsity would go ahead due to an unforeseen snowstorm in late March. Conditions improved slightly and Hallam and SURC gathered on the banks of Damflask at 6am on a chilly Wednesday morning. A wonderful performance from SURC resulted in wins in the NW 2x, NM 4+, SM 2x and 4x, with the Senior Women narrowly losing their race.

BUCS Regatta –29/4/23-30/4/23

A big weekend for the whole club, with 9 crews racing over the course of the weekend. A good start to regatta season saw the NW 8+ winning the D final. Unfortunately, both the SM and NM 8s narrowly missed out on the A/B semi-finals but both came 3rd in their C finals.

Durham Regatta –10/6/23-11/6/23

We spent a lovely weekend in Durham, camping as a club just by the racecourse and entering an impressive 11 crews over the weekend. Overall a successful end to the regatta season for much of SURC, with some memorable races and pots collected by two crews. The SM 4x-and 8+ took 1st place and the W Beg 8+ came 2nd.

Marlow Regatta –17/6/23

A chance for the Senior Men to size up their competition before Henley qualifiers. A strong time trial placed them in the E final, a huge improvement from the H final in the previous year. Competing in a close final resulted in a win in the Tier 3 University 8s category


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