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Success at York Small Boats

York small boats head was a successful day for the senior men following on from their success at BUCS indoors. Two 4+s, a 4-, a 4x and a double were entered.

In the 4+ category our 4s managed to claim 1st and 2nd place (out of 8 in band 1) in a challenging field against other competitive universities including York and Manchester. This also meant we had the first and second fastest 4+’s of the day out of 23 other boats - a very impressive achievement that has showed the immense dedication and hard work our guys have put on.

Our 4x started off well in their division but due to being stopped due to a city tour boat unfortunately did not place where they would have liked. In the 4- (who had already previously raced in the day) steering issues caused by another crew meant a time penalty for our guys and therefore came 3rd. Our double performed well in their category with a novice sculler in the boat in his first ever race sculling. We look forward to carrying this momentum forward to white rose head and our final race of the term

Our senior women’s squad went head-head in York with each other in a series of matched-ability boats. The race allowed the squad to develop a better depth of ability and meant that some of the knowledge from the most experienced members could be passed down to other athletes.

Despite all of the boats being matched, the ladies’ tenacity and excellent commitment to training shone through; SURC Senior Women were able to place 3rd in the both the Band 1 coxed and coxless 4s, win the Band 2 coxed 4s, and place 2nd in the Band 2 doubles.

We hope to use this potent display as a spring board for our final race of the term, as we pay York a visit once again for White Rose Head.


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