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BUCS Regatta 2019

SURC had a great weekend at BUCS Regatta which saw some fantastic racing and even a BUCS Medal.

The Senior Women travelled to Nottingham this weekend to compete in BUCS regatta and came away with a number of exceptional results. Both the quad and the 1st eight were able to show there skill in the c finals of their respective categories which is the highest final the squad has achieved in living memory. As well as this the coxless 4 were able to come 10th in the championship category alongside Nicole Lamb achieving bronze in the champ singles winning some crucial BUCS points.

Finally the second 8 put in a stellar performance winning the F-final by a staggering 15 seconds showing their skill and determination. All of these results show how far the ladies has come and the incredible squad depth that we are so lucky to have in the senior women. We look forward to Henley Women's to hopefully qualify for the second year in a row.

- Matty Kilborn, Senior Women's Captai

With tough conditions on the saturday of BUCS and after a shaky start the mens 8 settled into a comfortable rhythm and put in a strong performance in the time trial battling a strong cross wind. Unfortunately we were just short of qualifying for the B final and held a comfortable position in the middle of he C final.

The time trial was a good effort from the crew, however afterwards the general mood was that improvements would have to be made in the final for us to be happy with our efforts for the day. Unfortunately, we landed on the wrong side of some very tight margins and we qualified with the fastest time for the E final. Our aim was to go out and improve on the row we’d had in the morning and convincingly win the race, to give us a time which would beat as many boats as possible in the higher finals. We attacked from the start and began to open a lead which gradually grew through the majority of the race. Some coxbox issues meant no cohesive push for the finish, however we had enough of a gap on the field for this to not be an issue. In the end we took victory by just over 1 length, with our time beating some boats in the D final, to at least end the day on a high.

In the final we had a fantastic start moving to the front of the pack easily. This was held up to the 1km mark and unfortunately we were rowed through in the last 500-750 metres placing us in 5th place in our final.

The senior men’s 4x pushed through their time trial in tricky conditions, but qualified for the E final against some tough competition. They had a great race and came in 3rd place in their final

Learning from BUCS we hope to take this forward to Nottingham City next weekend where we have entered the open 8 category

- Shaun Colley, Senior Men's Captain

We are very proud of the success that the Novice Women have had at BUCS this year with C and F finals in the 4 and C final in the 8. The girls went on to have excellent races in their respective finals with the 4's coming 4th and the 8 coming 3rd. Overall we think this is a very promising way for our novices to end the year and believe they will go on to have great success next year in the senior squad.

- Issy Emms & Ben Seers, Outgoing Novice Women's Captains

Novice Men had a great final race of the year, gaining a final from their time trial. The boys found it very exciting in their first side-by-side race overtaking crews after a slow start, and look forward to racing in the future as seniors.

- Sam Armistead & Emily Cossey, Outgoing Novice Men's Captains


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