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HWR Success!

Last weekend five of our senior women went down to Henley to compete at Henley Women’s Regatta. Sarah, Harriet, Martha and Gigs were in the Aspirational Academic Coxless Fours and Nicole Lamb representing Sheffield in a composite boat in the Championship Eights.

In order for the four to qualify for the race our girls had to complete a time trial, which they did in strong form, managing to qualify for the event. This was a big achievement as it’s the second time a purely SURC boat have qualified for HWR in recent memory, following the success of last year. In the first round of side by side racing the girls drew stiff competition in St Andrews University. Despite our girls giving them a good fight, they were unfortunately knocked out of the event. However, they should be proud of what they achieved in being able to represent Sheffield at such a big event.

Nicole and her the rest of her eight rowed incredibly well to beat Princeton University and D S R V Laga, winning the Ron Needs Challenge Cup by a verdict of easily in the final. Congratulations to Nicole and the rest of her boat for their hard work and for winning such a prestigious event.

The senior women are looking forward to continuing success next year. - Gigs Hertzog, Senior Women’s Captain 2019/20

With Marlow being the senior men’s last chance to secure pre-qualification for Henley we knew we needed to perform at our best. A decent time trial put us in 10th place, overturning a few crews who beat us at BUCS. Unfortunately due an all out effort in the time trial we were forced to make a substitute for the final, with someone who has never trained or rowed with the crew before. The final was disappointing, as we lacked our usual fast start and we sat towards the rear of the field for the majority of the race. Despite a rally in the last few hundred metres we were unable to catch 5th place and finished last in our final. The senior men look forward to Henley qualifiers next week

- Matt Farrow, Senior Men’s Captain 2019/20


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