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Henley Royal Regatta 2018

To all our followers, I am sad to announce that we were unsuccessful in our quest for qualification to race at Henley Royal Regatta.

Our race was a tale of two halves: after a slight wobble in the crosswind off the Island we settled into a good rhythm and went to work between the Barrier and Fawley. After putting in our signature shunt at Upper Thames RC, we really felt the effects of a hard front loaded race and lost the lift out of the water. Coming past the stands we took the rate up for our fans and emptied the tanks so that nothing was left out on the course. Having been treated to flat water at Damflask for the last 2 weeks, we needed to be better in the swirl of the Henley straight than we were. 7.5 seconds from qualifying is further away than we expected of ourselves.

I am however pleased to announce we end the year as champions of Yorkshire, settling a long standing and exciting rivalry this season, after pipping Leeds University by 0.7s to the finish line.

The buck stops with me for not delivering a qualification, for which I apologise, but I know the experience will be vital in securing big results in the near future. Half the crew from this campaign are able to return next year which will give us the strongest starting position to a season we have ever had. This makes me excited for the future of SURC, being able to hit the ground running in September rather than spending time until Christmas rebuilding.

I hope that the Senior Men have learned and developed themselves as rowers this year. Remember all I have taught you, which is to erg loads, and you will go onto great things in rowing.

As I said at our end of year meal, time goes by so fast at University. I can't believe some of the guys I started rowing with went from Freshers to graduates in what seems like a matter of months. So many good memories that unfortunately came and went in a fleeting moment. I have been enormously privileged to have been your captain and been a part of something special.

Richard Dawidek Senior Men's Captain 17-18


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